Donny Schatz Wins  World of  Outlaws Inaugural Dave Helm Memorial Race  @ Tulare's Thunderbowl Raceway

World of Outlaw Sprints at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA

By Gaye Carmichael


(Tulare, CA, 10/13/07)     Donny Schatz of Fargo, North Dakota,  led all thirty-five laps of the Inaugural Dave Helm Memorial Race at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA to score yet another victory in World of Outlaw Sprint competition.  Victory lane is becoming old hat for  Schatz, who has picked up nineteen victories so far this season as the WoO Sprints raced throughout the United States with a couple events in Canada as well This was  Schatz's third WoO Sprint  feature win in a row. 


"We've really been working on our short track program.  This was a good night.  We qualified fourth fast, scored second in the heat race and won the dash. The track was very wet and a little rough. There was mud on everything.  I was having a tough time going through lapped traffic.  I'm hoping to get out of this year with the Championship Title victory."  said Schatz

Jason Sides of Bartlett, TN, qualified twelfth fast, scored the victory of his heat race and had a third place finish in the dash.  Sides started the feature in third and was able to race into second place on the eighteenth lap which he raced  to score behind Schatz at the line.


"We've never had a top five finish here.  Second place is a good strong run for us.  We were hoping to be able to run the top (of the track). Anytime you can run second to Donny (Schatz) and in front of Kaeding (Tim), who was racing his home track, that's a good win for us." said Sides


From a seventh place start, Tim Kaeding of San Jose,CA, rose to the challenge moving by Jason Meyers (CA), Kerry Madsen (NSW). Tim Shaffer (PA) and Ronnie Day (CA) to land a podium finish when he took the checkered flag in third.


"I have to thank the McMillen's and my crew.  The McMillen's have given me the opportunity to drive their car for some of the races. Donny's (Schatz) has been fast all year.  I want to thank all of you guys (the crowd of fans) for coming out" said Kaeding.

Day, of Salinas, scored behind Kaeding in fourth. Day finished second in both his heat race and the dash.  As the feature race got under way, Day  started, along side of Schatz on the front row and raced hard to challenge Schatz's lead.  Day looked a couple of times like he just might pull it off, but Schatz, would find that little bit extra to pull away.  Day raced in second for the first seventeen laps, before Sides got by and then Kaeding in an outside shot had third with eleven laps to go. 

"We'll take it!  (the fourth place finish)  That was a tough race.  The track was sticky all night.  I think the car was better than I was.  I had the flu all week.  We really never got a good shot at Donny (Schatz).  He did a heck of a job and deserved to win.  It's nice to run in the top five with these guys (the WoO Sprints). said Day


Forty-two sprints rolled out to qualify for this Inaugural Dave Helm Memorial Race, with Joey Saldana, Kerry Madsen, Paul McMahan , Chad Hillier, Greg Hodnett, Jeff Shepherd and Tim Shaffer who won "Rookie of the Year, racing for Helm in 1999, all having been a part of the Helm racing team at one time or another, paid tribute. Helm was a great contributor to Sprint car racing and will always be remembered for what  he did for the sport he loved.


McMahan (TN) posted a 13.633 second lap run to set fast time in qualifying.  It was a night when you had to make that first lap count, as the WoO Officials, limited qualifying to one lap for each driver, opposed to the usual two laps they normally have.


Twenty-five sprints started the thirty-five lap feature with Hillier (WA),  tagging the rear of the field, using a provisional.  When that green flag flew, everyone was racing hard.  In spite of that, there were few cautions.  The first one flew out on the eighth lap when Jeff Delte (CA) spun going into the third turn.  The regrouped field, had a clean straight-a-way when they took the next green flag.  Heads up racing continued until the twenty-fifth lap, when Jonathan Allard (CA) racing from a seventeenth place start was working the outside line of the track and had moved into twelfth, looking to take eleventh, when he lost it and landed in the infield for the second yellow.  Needless to say, the lead pack was having a wild race as they picked their way through lapped traffic lap after lap.  The final caution flew out for Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (TX), who lost a right front wheel racing out of the first turn. with three laps to go.  It was caution relief, for  all of the sprints  as they were able to hang it all out racing to the checkered, without having to negotiate through heavy traffic. 


 Scoring behind, Schatz, Sides, Kaeding, and Day, were Madsen, Shaffer, Jason Meyers (CA), Steve Kinser (IN), Joey Saldana (IN), Craig Dollansky (MN),

McMahan (TN), Danny Lasoski (MO), Jeremy Campbell (MI), Allard ( Allard tagged the rear of the field for pulling his caution but rallied back to score in fourteenth), Jac Haudenschild (OH) (Haudenschild won the hard charger award, racing from a twenty-third starting berth and finishing in fifteenth), Justin Henderson (SD), Daryn Pittman (OK), Randy Hannagan (CA), Jason Solwold (WA), Brad Sweet (CA), Delte, Terry McCarl (IA), Hafertepe and Chad Kemenah (OH).


The long season for the WoO Sprints is winding down.  The schedule has them  in two more races on the West Coast, Manzanita Raceway in Phoenix, AZ and Perris, CA, before traveling back to Lowes Motor Speedway  for their final  nights of racing, November 1-3, 2007.  


Heat Races, the Dash and additional Main Events, are as follows:


HEAT RACES, top five transfer to the "A" Feature.


Heat #1:  Shaffer, Kaeding, Allard, Kemenah, Solwold, Greg DeCaries (CA), Kinser, Haudenschild, Dan Simpson (CA), McMahan.


Heat #2:  Madsen, Meyers, Dollansky, Henderson, Sweet, Brooke Tatnell (NSW), Hillier,  Mason Moore (CA), Kyle Larson (CA), Ken Fredenburg (CA).


Heat #3:  Hafertepe, Day, Lasoski, Saldana, Pittman, Shane Stewart (OK), Brandon Wimmer (IN), Delte, Danny Faria, Jr. (CA), Ben Gregg (AZ).


Heat #4: Sides, Schatz, McCarl, Campbell, Hannagan, Tony Bruce, Jr., (KS), Garrett Ishii (CA), Jason Botsford (CA), Myles Bishop (CA), Charlie Louden (CA).


DASH, how the drivers finish the dash determines how the top ten line up in the "A" Feature.


Dash:  Schatz, Day, Sides, Shaffer, Madsen, Meyers, Kaeding, Saldana, Dollansky, Hafertepe, Jr.


"B" Main- Top four finishers transfer to the "A" Feature


"B" Main:  Kinser, McMahan, Haudenschild, Madsen, Hillier, DeCaires, Wimmer, Bruce, Jr., Faria, Jr., Larson, Tatnell, Ishii, Gregg, Simpson, Louden, Botsford.


"C" Main: Top two finishers transfer the "B" Main


"C" Main:  Louden, Simpson, Bishop, Moore, Fredenburg,

54TH 2007

Gold Cup Saturday Night Finale
Gold Cup Friday Night Preliminaries Night Two
Gold Cup Thursday Night Preliminaries Night One
Gold Cup Wednesday Night Civil War Invitational

Saldana wins $50,000. at the Gold Cup Race of Champions at Chico, CA
Story by:  Gaye Carmichael

(Chico, CA, 9/08/07)  Joey Saldana of Brownsburg, IN, soared to victory, scoring one of the most prestigious wins of the season, as he took the checkered flag of the $50,000. to win, Gold Cup Race of Champions, hosted by John and Robbie Padjen at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA. This was Saldana's first ever, Gold Cup win and he entered victory lane, sharing the news,by phone,  with Kasey Kahne,  owner of the Open Joist/Mopar #9.

"It's a great place to win.  We had a good car. I definitely needed that last yellow.  There was

laid rubber on the track and I didn't know it was there.  Allard, (Jonathan) had the yellow when he lost a tire.  The rubber on the track could have caused it. It showed me where it was and I raced around it. I felt pretty good. I've lost some races and  I've won some races.  I've won thirteen races this season. Donny (Schatz) is a good competitor and in big money races, I'm usually chasing that #15 (Schatz's car number). I'm really looking forward to another couple of years with Kasey Kahne Racing. I hope we can come back next year and do it again. I hope we can keep this (race wins) going." said Saldana.

Second place was under fire almost the entire race.  J. Allard of Chico, CA, tied Saldana in qualifying points to start the forty lap "A" feature event from a front row outside, start.  When the first lap scored, Sammy Swindell of Germantown, TN, racing the Fauver/Rudeen Racing #64, coming from a fourth place start was in second. On the fourteenth lap J. Allard rallied back into second place, with Steve Kinser (IN), Jac Haudenschild (OH), Swindell and Brad Sweet (CA) racing in the top six.  J. Allard passed Saldana on the twenty-first lap.  A red flag flew out when Jason Solwold (WA) was upside down, just before the second turn.  Daryn Pittman (OK) and Brent Kaeding (CA), were all in the mix. No injuries reported.  The race officials decided to declare this red flag, an open red, which allows pitman on the track  to refuel, check air pressure, etc. As the field pushed off to start the twenty-second lap, Saldana, was back in the lead, as the line-up reverted back to the previous lap, due to the red flag. Kinser, who had been in third place before the flag, could not get his Q Oil #11 to start after multiple tries.  With Kinser out of the race, J. Allard had second followed by Haudenschild, Sweet and Swindell, the top five in front. Haudenschild, racing the top of the track dove my J. Allard with about three laps to go. J. Allard's tire loss, brought a caution and when the regrouped field raced out to take the checkered, Haudenschild score a big second place finish with Sweet right behind Haudenschild, earning third.

"Rick (Wright) gave me a good car.  Bonsai and the crew did a great job with the car. My car was working good everywhere.  I tried to stay close to Joey (Saldana).  We just weren't close enough.  I gave it all I had.  After the open red flag, the car was a little better.  When the race was over, I had about five laps left on my tire.  Chico is always pretty racy.  I enjoy racing here." said Haudenschild.

This was Sweet's third time at Gold Cup, and Sweet said, "I need to thank GP Development for the awesome car.  Rod Tiner and my crew, as well.  It was pretty awesome. I want to thank all the fans for coming out.  It's a dream come true to race with those guys (WoO Sprint drivers).  I hope we can keep it going."

As the race went, lap traffic was a factor early on.  Saldana was lapping the rear of the field by the seventh lap.  On the twelfth lap, Pittman was off the track on the third turn, bringing out the caution.  WoO Sprint rules, have all of the lapped cars line up at the rear of the field for restarts.

Tim Kaeding (CA) having to race the "C" Main, managed to score the win, moving into the rear of the field of the "B" Main. A very popular driver, T. Kaeding had the fans screaming and on  their feet as he raced through the field grabbing the final available transfer spot to the "A" feature.  T.  Kaeding started the "A" in twenty-fourth place and on the thirteenth lap, Kerry Madsen (NSW) and T. Kaeding were flying off the track, going in to the fourth turn.  T. Kaeding and Madsen, both retired from the race, due to damage to their sprints. 

When the final lap scored, Swindell was fourth, followed by, Donny Schatz (ND), Tim Shaffer (PA), Jason Meyers (CA), Terry McCarl (IA), Brooke Tatnell (NSW), J. Allard, Danny Lasoski (MO), Pittman, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (TX), Craig Dollansky (MN), Paul McMahan (TN), Solwold, Jeremy Campbell (MI), Colby Wiesz (CA), B. Kaeding, Evan Suggs (CA), Mike Henry (CA), Kinser, Greg DeCaires (CA), Madsen and Kaeding.  Schatz won the hard charger award, having started in seventeenth place and scoring in fifth.

Additional Main finishes, as follows:

"B" Main, Weisz, B. Kaeding, Lasoski, T. Kaeding, Randy Hannagan (CA), Stephen Allard (CA), Jason Sides (TN), Ronnie Day (CA), Jason Statler (CA), Chad Hillier, (WA), Mike Monahan (NV), Chad Kemenah (OH), Barry Martinez (WA), Carl Droivold (CA), Dan Menne (CA), Shane Golobic (CA), Sean Becker (CA), Ballou. (Four transfer to the "A" main)

"C" Main: Tim Kaeding (CA), Robert Ballou (CA), Kerry Madsen (NSW), Tony Bruce, Jr. (KS), Trulli, Malsam, Brett Rollag (CA), Mason Moore (CA), Spath, Matt Shelton (CA), West, Brett Miller (CA), Kyle Larson  (CA), Jon Maiwald (CA),  Justin Henderson (SD), Andy Gregg (CA). Trulli, finishing fifth in the "C" Main, scored the highest finish of the 360 Sprints that  entered the Gold Cup and won the $1,000. bonus money posted.

(Two transfer to the "B" Main) 

"D" Main:  Zack West (CA), Taylor Malsam (WA), Jimmy Trulli (CA), Tyler Spath (CA), Danny Bullock (BC), Colton Heath (WA), Mark Tabor, Jr., (NV), Petty, James Sweeney (CA), Zack Mason (CA), Chris Masters (CA), Pylant, Jeff Delte (CA), Herman Klein (CA), Robbie  Whitchurch (CA), Mark Workentine (CA). (Four transfer to the "C" Main)

"E" Main:  Kevin Pylant (CA), Matt Petty (CA), Pat Harvey, Jr. (CA), Peter Breshers (CA), Danny Ochs (CA), Dennis Harvey (CA), Shawn Arriaga (CA), Brad Barmgarner (CA), Jeremy Burt (CA), C. Myers, Jim Marsh (CA), Ken Fredenburg (CA), Dan Simpson (CA), Mossi, Mike Stallings (CA), Eddy Lewis (CA).  (Two transfer to the "D" Main)

"F" Main:  Cody Myers (CA), Mike Mossi (CA), Josh Keheley (CA), Mark Tabor, Sr., (NV), Brandon Carey (CA), Ricky Wright, Jr., (CA), Brian Boswell (OR), Tony Silveria (CA), Bill Cornwell (CA), David Silveria (CA). (Two transfer to the "E" Main).

Joey Saldana Rides Rim from 12th to 1st giving him the Victory in night 2 of the Prelims at the 54th Gold Cup Race of Champions @ Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico CA!!
Story by:  Gaye Carmichael

Day two, World of Outlaw Sprint competition, second night qualifying/preliminary race at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA

(Chico, CA, 9/07/07) Rim racing Joey Saldana of Brownsburg, IN pulled out all the stops as he raced from his twelfth place start in the second night, of World of Outlaw Sprint competition in the 54th running of the Gold Cup Race of Champions, to claim a big victory on the quarter mile oval at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA.  Saldana driving the Kasey Kahne, Open Joist Mopar #9, seemed to be the only driver who could make that outside groove work as he proceeded to pick off positions until taking the lead with two laps to go in this thirty lap qualifying, preliminary race.

"That was a hell of a race.  We tightened our car up a lot for the feature.  I can't believe it! This track is very demanding.  To race Steve Kinser for the lead, who's the best there is, I'm shocked.  I have to thank Mopar.  They've done some great motors for us.  The team is working great right now and I'm glad to have the opportunity to race  for Kasey Kahne racing.  I'm very fortunate. I also want to thank all of the fans for coming out, 410 sprint car racing needs this."  said Saldana.

Steve Kinser of Bloomington, IN raced all laps in the lead of the Crane Cam Dash to earn the pole start and jumped out into a healthy lead on the opening lap of the "A" feature.  Kinser had a firm control of the lead until the final two laps when Saldana made his winning bid. Kinser scored in second with Brooke Tatnell (NSW)  claiming  a third place, podium finish at the line.

"We had a good car.  We talked before the race about  staying focused and earning as many points as we could for tomorrow night's race (Saturday nights $50,000. to win  and final night of this three day event, Points accumulated during the preliminary qualifying races, determine the line up of the $50,000. to win Gold Cup Race of Champions) I think we have a good package together for Saturday night." said Tatnell

  It was a very fast paced "A" Feature.  Just the slightest mistake could ruin what other wise would have been an outstanding run. Caution laps only snagged a very few of the drivers, starting with, Robert Ballou (CA)  who brought out the first caution on the seventh lap when he  spun in the second turn. Kerry Madsen (NSW) got off the track on the front stretch on the thirteenth lap .  With seven laps to go Matt Shelton (CA) slid into the infield for the third yellow and then in the closing laps,  Tim Kaeding (CA)  was up on two wheels racing in the fourth turn getting tagged by Daryn Pittman (OK) with other sprints looking like they were close enough to touch, but unbelievably, they all kept them going.  The caution finally had to come out for T. Kaeding, as his left rear tire shredded on the track, probably from contact when he saved his sprint from rolling  during his wheel stand.  The restart of the race had Saldana in second  chasing Kinser.  Kinser opted to race the inside line as the race went back to green in the final two laps and Saldana returned to the rim, which netted the win for this Kasey Kahne team.

Fourth place was picked up by Pittman, followed by Tim Shaffer (PA), Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (TX), Terry McCarl (IA), Brent Kaeding (CA), Evan Suggs (CA), Jeremy Campbell (MI), Jason Statler (CA), Paul McMahan (TN), Ronnie Day (CA), Mike Monahan (NV), Sean Becker (CA), Barry Martinez (WA), Kerry Madsen (NSW), Justin Henderson (SD), Shane Golobic (CA), Matt Shelton (CA), Tim Kaeding (CA), Jon Maiwold (CA) and Robert Ballou (CA).

Fifty-six drivers clocked in during qualifying with two non-World of Outlaw Sprint drivers, collecting the two fastest times.  Evan Suggs of Scotts Valley, CA turned a 11.738 second lap for fast time while Barry Martinez of Lynwood, WA, who just won the 410 Sprint car Championship Title at Skagit Speedway in Burlington, WA, scored a 11:805 second lap for the second fastest lap scored.

With such a great turn out of sprints, the format required a Non-qualifiers race, four heat races, plus three Main events. The "C" Main,  had Andy Forsberg (CA) taking the win with James Sweeney (CA), scoring in second, for the two drivers earning the transfers to the rear of the field in the "B" Main.  Then during "B" main competition, on the second lap, Korey Lovell (CA) got upside down, with Shane Stewart (OK) and Johnny Gray, in the mix. All were okay.  As the "B" feature raced to the final lap, apparently a miss-communication between the drivers, Silver Dollar Officials and WoO Officials, caused some confusion as the field raced to take the checkered, battling to score in the top four, to earn their chance to race the "A" Feature.  The front four drivers, were Ronnie Day (CA), Shane Golobic (CA), Matt Shelton (CA) and Justin Henderson (SD), as they raced the final lap.  The drivers, wearing a one way radio, that allows officials to advise the drivers during a race, were told that the caution flag was out. Henderson responding to the caution alert, checked up.  Hirst raced by Henderson at that point, to have fourth at the checkered flag.  The Officials felt that their communication alerting the drivers of a yellow flag, was responsible for Henderson losing his fourth position run to the flag.  After deliberation, the Officials decided to have all the sprints, return to the track and assume their positions prior to the final lap and then re-race that lap. This decision was a surprise to the majority of those attending, as it seemed no one had heard of a race calling back the field of cars to re-run laps, that had already received the checkered flag. 

The excitement builds with the preliminary racing behind the one hundred plus drivers who have now qualified their starting positions for the big money race. When the Gold Cup Race of Champions, hosted by John Padjen MotorSports, roll out their sprints,on the final big night of competition with , $50,000. to win the offering up for grabs, the competition will be fierce.  Every driver wants to join the list of former Gold Cup winners  and will do all that they can to make it happen. 

Main events, the Dash and Heat race finishes, as follows:

Non-Qualifier Race: Kevin Sharrah (CA), Brad Baumgarner (CA), Mark Tabor, Sr. (NV), Shawn Arriaga (CA), Brandon Carey (CA), Cody Myers (CA), Mike Mossi (CA),  Mark Haynes (CA),  Brent Bjork (CA), Adrien Betournay (CA), Josh Keheley (CA), Tony Silveria (CA), David Silveria (CA), Bill Cornwell (CA), Ricky Wright, Jr. (CA), Brian Boswell.  Top four finishers transfer.

"C" Main:  Andy Forsberg (CA), James Sweeney (CA), Sharrah, Eddy Lewis (CA), Baumgarner, Arriaga, Peter Breshears (CA), Tabor, Sr., Jeremy Burt (CA), Matt Petty (CA). (Petty, racing in third at the time, flipped his #24m sprint racing into the third turn.  Petty was okay but the wing looked to be totally flat and had possibly other damage that retired Petty from the race.)  Top two finishers transfer into the "B" Main.

"B" Main:  Ronnie Day (CA), Shane Golobic (CA) Matt Shelton (CA), Justin Henderson (SD), Kyle Hirst (CA), Forsberg, Sweeney, Taylor Malsam (WA), Tyler Spath (CA), Shain Matthews (CA), Shane Stewart (OK), Johnny Gray (CA), Korey Lovell (CA), Mark Workentine (CA), Danny Bullock (BC), Kevin Pylant (CA).

Dash: Kinser, Tatnell, Pittman, T. Kaeding, Hafertepe, Jr., Suggs, McCarl, Campbell, Martinez, Monahan.

Heat #1:  McCarl, Kinser, Suggs, Willy Croft (CA), Bullock, Lovell, Gray, Petty, Workentine.

Heat #2:  Campbell, Monahan, McMahan, Madsen, Martinez.

Heat #3:  Pittman, Tatnell, Shaffer, Meyers, Ballou, Day, Golobic, Malsam, Sweeney, Pylant.

Heat #4: T. Kaeding, Hafertepe, Jr., Saldana, Maiwald, B. Kaeding, Hirst, Shelton , Matthews, Lewis, Burt.

 Opening Night of World of Outlaw Sprint Competition in the Fifty-fourth  Gold Cup Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway, Chico, CA, (first night of a three day event.)

Story by:  Gaye Carmichael
(Chico, CA, 9/06/07)  There's no place like home to capture  the victory of an opening night of World of Outlaw Sprint competition in the prestigious running of the Fifty-fourth  Gold Cup Race of Champions and Jonathan Allard, did just that, racing the Williams GT Trend #0 sprint in  a dominant run, scoring every lap in the lead of his heat race, the Crane Cam Dash and the thirty lap "A" Feature on the quarter mile oval at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA.

   "This has been a dream for a long time.  I can't believe it.  To run with the World of Outlaw's is so great. There are a lot of great drivers here and to win this is unbelievable. I tried to race this like a regular Friday night show (referring to Silver Dollar Speedway and their Friday night 410 Sprint races). I want to thank Morrie Williams for staying with me.  I also want to thank Padjen Motorsports for putting the Gold Cup on.  The team did a great job and we had a great car tonight. I just stayed focused and ran my race. The fans here are great and I can't thank them enough for staying with me." said  J. Allard, who was born and raised in Chico.

 After taking some time off from racing, Veteran driver, Sammy Swindell of Germantown, TN, climbed back into a car to compete at the Gold Cup and showed he was up for the task, scoring in second of the "A" feature race.  

 "Rod Fauver and the team did a good job on the car.  We seem to work well together. It's been awhile since I've been in a car, so it's really nice to be able to come out here and have a good result.  We have a good start for the race on Saturday (referring to the $50,000. to win Gold Cup Race of Champions race that every driver wants to win) and hope the track doesn't change much. The car tonight, seemed to get better and better, towards the end of the race." said Swindell.

 Having earned a front row, outside, start in the "A" main, Brad Sweet of Grass Valley, CA raced out into second place on the initial green flag  lap, chasing J. Allard from second place for twenty-six laps, before Swindell got beneath Sweet to make an inside challenge that was good.  Sweet put the nose of his sprint deep into the inside line to prevent any other bids and raced the last four laps to score in third at the checkered.

 "We had a great night. Everything kind of went our way.  I have to thank Gary Perkins who gave me a great car as well as Rod Tiner and the team.  Thanks to all the fans and congratulations to Jonathan (Allard) for winning." said Sweet.

 Forty-seven teams were on hand to qualify in this first of two nights of preliminary races, where points will be awarded for qualifying, finishes in heat and main events on both nights.  The points accumulated by the drivers will determine where they will start in the third and final, big money race.   This race is sanctioned by the World of Outlaw Sprints, with all three nights scored as individual point races in the WoO Sprint Championship Title race. Jason Sides of Bartlett, TN scored a 11.774 second lap to have quick time of the night.

 Ohio's Jac Haudenschild raced a flag to flag run in the first heat race to take the win and earn a start in the Dash and in the "A" feature.  Haudenschild raced most of the thirty lap "A" feature in fourth place. 

"The car ran really good tonight.  The track was a little hard to run an outside line on so I raced the bottom.  Hopefully we will have a third or fourth row start in Saturday's race  and have a shot at a win.  We were happy to finish in fourth." said Haudenschild.

 The feature was marred with five cautions.  Tony Bruce, Jr., brought out the first one on the ninth lap when he spun out. About four laps later Brett Miller went into a spin on the back stretch. Mason Moore, was stopped just out of the second turn, with ten laps to go and was towed off the track, but able to return later. As the race attempted to restart after this yellow, Chad Kemenah, Danny Lasoski and Sides, got together in the fourth turn losing valuable positions and needing to go to the work area. The final yellow was for Andy Gregg, spinning in the fourth turn.   

 This caution was very beneficial to Haudenschild.  Haudenschild was making a last valiant attempt to try the upper groove to make a pass. His car had the speed, but couldn't grab the upper line, so was in the process of falling back two or three spots when the caution flew.  Because the caution negated the lap, Haudenschild regained his position and settled in to run in fourth to the checkered.

 Finishing in fifth was Craig Dollansky (MN), followed by Jason Solwold (WA), Donny Schatz (ND), Greg DeCaires (CA), Colby Wiesz (CA), Mike Henry (CA), Jason Meyers (CA), Randy Hannagan (CA), Stephen Allard (CA), Chad Hillier (WA), Dan Menne (CA), Danny Lasoski (MO), Mason Moore (CA), Jason Sides (TN), Brett Miller (CA) Carl Droivold (CA), Tony Bruce, Jr. (KS), Andy Gregg (CA), Chad Kemenah (OH) and Kyle Larson (CA).

 Dash, Heat Races and additional main event finishes, as follows:

 "B" Main:  Gregg, Moore, Bruce, Jr., Miller, Brett Rollag (CA), Jeff Delte (CA), Zack West (CA), Jimmy Trulli (CA), Zack Mason (CA),  Herman Klein (CA), Mark Tabor, Jr. (NV), Colton Heath (WA), Chris Masters (CA), Robbie Whitchurch (CA), Dan Simpson (CA), Charlie Louden (CA).  (Top four finishers transfer to the "A" feature race)

 "C" Main:  Klein, Simpson, Robert Stice (CA), Ken Fredenburg (CA), Pat Harvey (CA), Jim Marsh (CA), Jeff Griffin (CA), Dennis Harvey (CA), Brandon Dozier (CA), Dan Ochs (CA), Mike Stallings (CA), Jeff Flure (CA), Jim Richardson (CA).  (Top two finishes transfer to the rear of the "B" Main) 

 Dash:  Allard, Sweet, Solwold, Haudenschild, Schatz, Swindell, Sides, Lasoski, Dollansky, Droivold.

 Heat #1:  Haudenschild, Droivold, Sides, S. Allard, Meyers, Whitchurch, Rollag, Gregg, Stice, Ochs, Heath, P. Harvey. 

Heat #2:  Dollansky, Sweet, Wiesz, Henry, Hillier, Bruce, Jr., Trulli, Klein, Moore, D. Harvey, Tabor, Jr., Richardson.

 Heat #3:  J.  Allard, Schatz, Swindell, Hannagan, Menne, Miller, Dozier, Delte, Marsh, Fredenburg, Stallings, Masters.

 Heat #4:  Solwold, Lasoski, DeCaires, Larson, Kemenah, Mason, West, Flure, Simpson, Griffin, Charlie Louden (CA).  ( Louden on the first lap of  this heat race, probably had some kind of contact, racing out to take the initial green flag, flipped up and over into a multi-spin, down the front stretch, looking to have demolished his car.  Louden was okay but so disappointed to not even score a lap before being side lined from the Gold Cup he so wanted to race. 

Colby Wiesz holds California Sprint Civil War Series in the Pacific Cup Invitational competition at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA

Story by:  Gaye Carmichael (Chico, CA, 9/05/07)  With only three races left on the schedule, Colby Wiesz of Colfax, CA, picked up the victory of the prestigious 360 Sprint, Pacific Cup Invitational in the California Sprint Civil War Series at the Silver Dollar Speedway, on the quarter mile clay oval in Chico, CA. 

"The track was pretty good, once it slicked off a little bit, it made it easier for passing and that was good. I was worried about Andy Forsberg before he passed me.  Once I passed him back, I felt a little bit more comfortable.  I want to thank my crew.  They do an excellent job and they gave me a good car tonight."  said Wiesz.  This was Wiesz's second victory in the Civil War Series this season and he currently is second in the Championship Title points race.  Wiesz said, "I'm probably twenty-one or twenty-two points behind Forsberg," as they race for the title.  There are three races left on the schedule. 

Placerville's, Jimmy Trulli raced his family owned #33T sprint from a seventh place start to take the checkered flag in second.  

"With another  couple of laps, we may have won it.  The car was good.  The track was  good and pretty racy.   We have a good crew and we're happy.   I want to thank my Mom and Dad, all of my Sponsors and all of my family and friends."  said Trulli. 

Third place was scored in by Mason Moore of Princeton, CA,  a sixteen year old "Rookie" driver, who's racing his first year in a 360 sprints. Moore started racing when he was seven in the Outlaw Karts, winning three track championships and four national championships. 

"I love these kind of tracks, dry, slick and a little dirt at the bottom. I'm currently eighth in the Civil War Series Championship Title points race and second in the "Rookie of the year" points race (trailing about ten points.behind Elk Grove's, Kyle Larson, in  the "Rookie" title chase)" said Moore  (Fifteen year old, Larson also ran with the Outlaw Karts, now racing his first year in 360 sprint competition, won his first sprint feature event in Civil War Series competition at Placerville Speedway,  establishing the record for being the youngest driver ever to win a race at Placerville Speedway and the youngest driver to ever win a Civil War Series race.) 

Moore plans to compete with World of Outlaw Sprints in The Gold Cup Race of Champions, for the first time in his career and went on to say, "I was happy to get into tonight's "A" Feature and then be able to race here at the Gold Cup."   The Gold Cup Race of Champions will have their  qualifying races on September sixth and seventh with the big $50,000. to win, WoO sanctioned "A" Feature race as the  finale  of this three day event, on September eighth. 

Forsberg, scored in a fourth place finish , having raced the outside line of the track trying to improve his third place starting berth.  Forsberg, in a rim shot, led about four laps before falling back a little but held on for his good top five finish.  

Matt Petty took a wire to wire victory in his heat race and then ran into trouble after two laps scored in the "A" feature.  Petty spun  off the track in  the fourth turn for the first caution. A few laps later a red flag was flying when Scott Russell rolled over multiple times, with Billy Wallace and Andy Gregg, getting caught up in it.  Only two more yellow flags would fly and they  were for spin outs.  There weren't any injuries reported for anyone. 

At the checkered flag, Wiesz, Trulli, Moore, Forsberg and Larson, logged into the top five finishes. Greg DeCaires finished in sixth, followed by Scott Kinney, Mark Hall,  Ricky Wondergem, Mike Monahan, Chad Compton, Billy Wallace, Mike Benson, Matt Petty, Dan Menne, Scott Russell, Andy Gregg, Kevin Klein, Richard Bailey, Brad Baumgarner and Jim Richardson.  

Additional results, as follows:  

Fast Time:  Herman Klien with a 12. 124 second lap. 

"B" Main:  Henry, DeCaires, Wondergem, Monahan, Wallace, Compton, Justin Johnson, Brett Rollag, Pat Henry, Carl Droivold, James Sweeney,   Stephen Allard, Adrien Betournay, Josh Keheley, Mark Tabor, Sr.


Heat #1:  Bailey, Baumgarner, Larson, Klien, Monohan, Rollag, Henry, Johnson.


Heat #2:  Petty, Russell, Kinney, Moore, Wallace, Droivold, DeCaires, Keheley.


Heat #3:  Gregg, Benson, Forsberg, Trulli, Compton,  Stephen Allard, Sweeney, Harvey. 


Heat #4:  Hall, Menne, Wiesz, Richardson, Wondergem, Betournay.



Next Up Civil War Invitational to kick off World of Outlaws Gold Cup Race Of Champions @ Silver Dollar Speedway!!!


Sixteenth scheduled race of the season of the Golden State Challenge, King of California Series, 410 Sprints racing at Placerville Speedway, California

STORY BY:  Gaye Carmichael    

(Placerville, CA, 6/2/07)  Veteran driver, Brent Kaeding of Campbell, CA, scores yet another victory, racing the sixteenth scheduled race of the Golden State Challenge, King of California Series, 410 sprints in competition on the quarter mile clay oval at Placerville Speedway.

     Br. Kaeding is the current point leader in the race for the Golden State Challenge Championship Title and has now scored six feature wins during this 2007 season in this series.

     "I've had a lot of fun this year. This team has done a great job. I don't care about the points.  I love racing and I don't know what we'll do, we'll just see how it goes.  Andy (Forsberg) was the driver to beat as he raced the high line of the track.  I raced him clean and he raced me clean.

Dam, it was a great race!  I want to thank everyone for coming out."  said Br. Kaeding.
      Taking the checkered flag in second place was
Chico's Jonathan Allard.  Allard proved to have a fast sprint from the get go, turning in a 10.265 second lap during qualifying, for fast time and then earned a fourth place start in the feature race but was in third place before the first lap scored.  With just four laps to go, Allard raced by Forsberg to score in second place at the final flag.


"I kind of backed up enough to give them room. (referring to the awesome run between Br. Kaeding and Forsberg).  Congratulations to Brent (Kaeding).  I have to give a lot of thanks to my team. They've worked hard." said Allard.


Sacramento's, Sean Becker in a last ditch effort passed Forsberg on the final lap to round out the top three finishers.

"We started far back (Becker started in twelfth) but to finish in the top three with these guys is great.  I'm really happy to have finished in third.  I have to thank my guys, they worked hard and did a great job. said Becker.


Forsberg of Auburn, who calls Placerville Speedway his home track and is loved by the fans, posted a 10.457 second to have third fast time, earned a transfer into the feature with  his heat race finish and then raced a flag to flag victory in the Dash.   Eight drivers were in the Dash and how they finished determine where they would start. Forsberg had the pole.


"This is a way better position than I've ever had here (racing in the Golden State Challenge).  You know the fans always cheer for their local guys and then the big guys come to town and we (the local guys) don't win.  I need to hold up my end of the bargain and try to win this.  My car is good.  The only thing I need to do is make sure I don't mess up.  I'll have some hungry animals after me."  said Forsberg after taking the win in the dash.


The thirty lap feature had twenty drivers take the field to get green flag racing underway.  Heavy action started immediately between Br. Kaeding and Forsberg.  You didn't dare take your eyes off of these two as they charged out fighting for the lead and it was Br. Kaeding who took command.  With one lap in the books, Evan Suggs, of Scotts Valley, racing in the eighth spot, spun in the third turn for the first caution of the night.  One more lap scored with no change in the leaders when a red flag halted the action again, when Jon Maiwald (Gilroy), Mark Workentine (Fresno) and Brett Miller (Chico), tangled going into the fourth turn with Workentine ending upside down.


The regrouped field once again race under the green, with Forsberg chasing down Br. Kaeding and was closing in.  Two more laps were scored when the red flag made a second appearance when Ronnie Day (Clovis) spun out going into the fourth turn, right smack in front of Greg DeCaires (Elk Grove) who was flying around the turn, DeCaires didn't have a chance to avoid Day's sprint and upon contact, DeCaires flipped upside down.


At this point, Br. Kaeding, Forsberg, Allard, Brandon Wimmer (Fairmont, IN) and Willie Croft (Sacramento) had the front five positions as they roared around the oval. Brett Miller became the next victim of the fourth turn as he spun out, to bring out the next caution.


The regrouped field returned to action with Forsberg still racing the top line of the track, flying by Br. Kaeding to take the lead, as the fans screamed and cheered.  Forsberg scored two laps before relinquishing the lead back to Br. Kaeding. Two laps later, it was Forsberg who had hammered back to the front.


You could feel and hear the excitement as the screaming fans watched these two drivers duke it out with Forsberg holding the reins until about four laps remained.  Br. Kaeding racing the inside line, the fastest way around the track, hammered back by Forsberg on the front stretch.  Forsberg tried to rally back but bobbled in the fourth turn, just long enough for Allard to race by, to take second.  For Br. Kaeding it was the winning move of the race as he soared through the remaining laps to take the hard fought win. 


Becker closed in on Forsberg at the end and it was a drag race finish, with Becker beating Forsberg at the checkered, for third place.  Forsberg, had raced with everything he had, from the onset of the race and his effort along with Br. Kaeding made this one of the most exciting races of the season. Forsberg, finished in fourth.


Andy Gregg (Placerville), had brought out the final caution of the race when he went off the track on the fourth turn, with six laps to go. All of the drivers involved in mishaps during the race, were okay.



Brandon Wimmer, who suffered some bad racing luck during competition over Memorial Weekend, tearing up his sprints, had not thought he would be racing in this race.  A phone call from Billy Sellers (Sacramento) had Wimmer driving for Sellers and scoring a fifth place win.  Sellers, was in a horrific sprint car crash, earlier this season, fracturing three vertebrae's in his back.  Sellers won't be able to race again, but it sure was great to see him there, in the pits, as an owner.


Sixth place went to Croft, followed by, Bud Kaeding (Indianapolis, IN), Trevor Green (Sidney, AUS), Suggs, Gregg, Jason Botsford (Tracy), Ric McCormick (Redding), Dan Simpson (Rio Vista), Workentine, Maiwald, Jason Statler (Los Gatos), Day, DeCaires,Miller and C. J. Humphreys (Placerville). 


Please note:  All the cities listed without a state included are California cities.


DASH and HEAT RACE finishes are as follows:


DASH:  Forsberg, Br. Kaeding, Wimmer, Allard, Statler, Croft, Day, Suggs.


HEAT #1:  DeCaires, Bu. Kaeding, Croft, Allard, Wimmer, McCormick, Workentine.


HEAT #2:  Statler, Humphreys, Day, Maiwald, Br. Kaeding, Miller, Botsford.


HEAT #3:  Green, Becker, Suggs, Gregg, Forsberg, Simpson.



World of Outlaw sanctioned event at Manzanita Speedway, Phoenix, AZ
BY:  Gaye Carmichael 

(Phoenix,AZ, 3/03/07)When you're hot, you're hot and North Dakota's, Donny Schatz, in the Parker Store #15 sprint, scored his sixth top five finish, as he roared to victory in the thirty lap World of Outlaw sanctioned feature at  Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix, AZ. Schatz is the first driver to have two WoO feature wins in the book for the 2007 season.  Schatz, after taking the lead of the race on the thirteenth lap held the reins all the way to the checkered, taking the $10,000. purse and adding points for his run at the Championship Title.  Schatz won the WoO Championship title in 2006 and currently is the points leader for 2007, 
"It was good tonight.  My guys did a great job.  Racing for a win last night (Referring to WoO competition at USA Race Park, Tucson, AZ, the night before, where Schatz finished third) our motor broke.  It's our goal to win races.  Tonight the race track was fast and really good on the bottom.  When you can race close and clean , it makes for a fun race." said Schatz
 Once Schatz took the lead, the race was anything but over. Schatz contended with lap cars, a caution flag and Indiana's, Joey Saldana, who moved into second, just four laps after Schatz gained the lead. As Saldana stalked Schatz, all who  watched knew that this race would not be over until the  checkered flag waved.
Sandana, racing the Kasey Kahne Mopar #9 sprint, put on an awesome show as he moved from a sixth place starting berth into second place by the seventeenth lap and began an all out challenge for the lead.  The fans were captivated as Saldana raced, side by side, with Schatz at times and looked for any opportunity to gain the lead.
"This was definitely an  exciting race.  We raced a strong second, getting by Donny (Schatz) only for him to get me back when I was tight behind another car.  I think we may have had a bleeder (tire losing pressure) there at the end. I feel we have a car good enough to win and I hope we get some wins soon.  It was pretty neat to race with somebody that close and that clean. It was exciting for the fans." said Saldana. 
Brooke Tatnell of San Souci,NSW, driving the Larry Woodward,  Volcano Joe's Coffee  #2 sprint, had a stellar run in this seventh WoO race of the season, starting in fifth and racing no lower than sixth place until a late in the race charge had Tatnell in third place with three laps to go, for the first podium finish of the 2007 season, by this newly formed team.
"I'm so proud of this team.  We didn't put this team together until after Christmas.  The motor we came here with is about five years old, not the biggest on horsepower, one that Larry (Woodward) used in his non-wing car and it's pretty tired.  I've said all along that it would be a building struggle that we would go through.  All of my team has their heads up and we're really happy with tonight."  said Tatnell.
It took ten years to do it but Kerry Madsen (NSW), racing the Selma/Shell #11H raced a 15.235 second, 118.149mph lap, in qualifying for fast time and the new WoO track record at Manzanita Speedway's half mile dirt oval.  Jac Haudenschild (OH), with a 15.34 second run, had held it since 1997.
There were thirty-six sprints signed in for this event, with twenty-six cars starting the feature event.  Twenty-four drivers qualified their way in while Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (TX) and Tony Bruce, Jr. (KS) used one of their provisional's to tag the rear of the field.
Paul McMahan (TN), racing the Tony Stewart/Bass Pro Shops/Chevrolet powered #20, earned the pole start with Justin Henderson (SD), racing the Oswalt/Dan Dan #D1 sprint, lined up along side.  It was a drag race start as the green flag brought the field to action.  Henderson aced McMahan out to take the lead that he would hold  for the first thirteen laps.  Henderson, was into lap traffic on the tenth lap and Schatz gained enough on him to take the lead, three laps later. This would proved to be the winning move of the race, but not until all laps were scored.
Only one caution flew to mar the race and it came out with fourteen laps to go.  Brian Carlson, racing his first feature race of this season, may have lost his motor.  Haudenschild's sprint lost the rear end under this caution to retire the Wright One Construction #35 team for the night.
Scoring in fourth was Tim Kaeding (CA) who had started in tenth.  Fifth place was picked up by McMahan, followed by, Jason Sides (TN), Henderson, Jason Solwold (WA), Steve Kinser (IN), Craig Dollansky (MN), Daryn Pittman (OK), Madsen, Becca Anderson (DE), Danny Lasoski (MO), Terry McCarl (IA), Hafertepe, Jr., Johnny Herrera (NM), Jeremy Campbell (MI), Jason Meyers (CA), Dustin Lindquist (MN), Dion Hindi (NM), Bruce, Jr., Randy Hannagan (CA), Haudenschild, Zach Chappell (OK), and Carlson.
The "B" main victory went to Hindi, with Haudenschild, Lindquist and Carlson, scoring the top four spots to earn transfers to the feature.  Fifth place went to Hafertepe, Jr., followed by Chad Hillier (WA), Bruce, Jr., Ben Gregg (AZ), Jason Martin (KS), James Mosher (NM), Brent Kronfus (MT), Bud Goodwin (NM), Tim Shaffer (PA), Chad Kemenah (OH), Willie Hernandez (MT) and Eric Ferrin (AZ).
The DASH and HEAT RACES finishes are as follows:
DASH:  McMahan, Henderson, Schatz, Hannagan, Tatnell, Saldana, Sides, Madsen, Anderson, Kaeding.
HEAT #1:  Kaeding, Schatz, Meyers, Chappell, Madsen, Lindquist, Hindi, Hillier, Kronfus.
HEAT #2:  McMahan, Anderson, Saldana, Kinser, Herrera, Hafertepe, Jr., Carlson, Mosher, Hernandez.
HEAT #3:  Henderson, Hannagan, Solwold, Lasoski, Campbell, Kemenah, Gregg, Goodwin, Shaffer.
HEAT #4:  Sides, Tatnell, Pittman, Dollansky, McCarl, Haudenschild, Martin, Bruce, Jr., Ferrin
(The top five finishers transfer into the feature and the top two finishers transfer into the Dash, as well.
PLEASE NOTE:   Danny Horner of Cottage Grove, OR, driving the Horner/Omlid-Swinney Fire Protection #75 sprint, was involved in a roll over accident in the opening lap of the WoO competition at USA Race Park, feature event.  It was originally thought that all involved were okay, but when the entire event was over, Horner was transported by ambulance.  It was thought he may have broken a vertebrae, but not confirmed.  I was told that Horner was operated on Saturday.  I was not able to confirm this or  have I been able find an update on Horner.  All involved in racing send get well wishes and hope for a speedy full recovery.


  World of Outlaws, sanctioned event at USA Race Park, Tucson,AZ
 BY:  Gaye Carmichael

(Tucson,AZ, 3/02/07) The "King" of sprint car racing, Steve Kinser of Bloomington, IN, racing the Quaker State #11, returned to victory lane, claiming the World Of Outlaw's sanctioned event at USA Race Park, in Kinser's first appearance at this race facility.  Kinser from a front row start, took control of the lead on the seventh lap and never looked back, taking the thirty lap feature event win, the $10,000. winner's purse and to be the sixth different driver to win a WoO event this season.of the six races ran.
"I had a pretty good car, we had a good race track and everything worked out well. It's been a tough start this year and it seemed everything we did went against us. Tonight we won the heat race and had a good draw for the Dash. (Kinser finished second in the Dash to earn a front row start in the feature.)  I have to thank Quaker State and all my sponsors." said Kinser, who also said, "We sure hope this gets things going."
Indiana's, Joey Saldana, racing the Kasey Kahne Mopar #9, started the feature in ninth, racing into fifth place by the second lap.  Saldana paced in that position until the final ten laps of the race. It looked like Saldana's car had been set up to meet track conditions towards the end of the race, as he poured on the speed and made his move to the front.  With just two laps to go, Saldana raced into second, moving up to run the last seconds, nose to tail with Kinser and ran out of time to do anything more than take a second.
"This Mopar has been fast. The car was working well on the top as well as on the bottom. We knew we had the fastest car and I was able to get around Donny (Schatz) on the top and then caught Steve (Kinser), in a lap or so.  We just came up a little bit short. I hope to come back tomorrow and maybe beat Kinser. (Referring to the next scheduled WoO event, to be held at Manzanita Speedway,Phoenix,AZ, the following night.)
Donnie Schatz of North Dakota, the 2006 World of Outlaw Champion and the current WoO points leader, took the initial green of this race from a seventh place start and was in third place by the time the first lap scored.  With eight laps to go, Schatz dove into second place and began a challenge for the lead.  As Schatz made an inside move on Kinser, Schatz's #15 Parker Stores sprint looked to have lost momentum, enough of an edge for Saldana to race into second.  Schatz ran a heads up race and truly earned his third place podium finish.
"We feel pretty lucky to be standing up here in the top three. We had a good start and toward the middle of the race, we really got going.  When in second, I was starting to catch Steve (Kinser) and when I got next to him, I lost a cylinder.  This forced me to race the bottom and slow the car down. We had a good enough car to win but it just didn't end up the way we wanted.  I guess luck was on our side, breaking a motor and still finishing in third.  It was a lot of fun and I want to thank Parker Stores, along with all my sponsors."  said Schatz
If there was a hard luck award, it should have gone to Craig Dollansky (MN), driver of the Karavan Trailers #7 sprint.  Dollansky raced a 12.624 second, 106.939mph lap, during qualifying, to score fast time on this 0.375 dirt oval and set a new WoO track record at USA Race Park.  Terry McCarl (IA) had held the USA record, when he set fast time in 2006 with a 13.127 lap.
Dollansky earned a transfer out of his heat race into the feature, finished fifth in the Dash and started the feature in the third row, inside lane.  When the green flag called the field to action, the leaders barely got by the start/finish line when the red flag halted the race.  Dollansky and Danny Horner (OR) had made contact and both cars crashed and rolled.  No injuries were reported, but you can be sure, these two drivers had to be devastated, to not only lose their great starting berths, but to be out of the race, due to extensive damage to their sprints. (Prior to this event, Dollansky was fourth in the Championship Title, points race, just forty-four points behind Schatz)
There were thirty seven sprints signed in for this event, with twenty-four earning starts in the feature.  Chad Kemenah (OH) and Jeremy Campbell (MI) used a provisional to tag the rear of the field, to bring the total drivers in this event to twenty-six. When the field realigned for a complete restart, after the red flag opening lap, all thirty laps stayed green.  Several drivers looked like they may have lost their engines. You could see smoke coming out of their exhaust, prior to pulling into the middle of the track, so as not to pull out caution flags. 
Scoring in fourth place was Jason Sides (TN). Sides started on the pole and led the opening six laps before losing the lead to Kinser.  After that, Sides stayed in second for the next eighteen laps holding off Schatz and Saldana. 
"There was traffic (lap cars) and I even had trouble getting by them when I was leading.  The traffic was tough and the track a little narrow.  With the caliber of sprints racing, anytime we get a top five finish, is good."  said Sides
Fifth place went to Tim Shaffer (PA) followed by Daryn Pittman (OK), Kerry Madsen (NSW), Danny Lasoski (MO), McCarl, Brooke Tatnell (NSW), Paul McMahan (TN), Jason Meyers (CA), Jason Solwold (WA), Justin Henderson (SD), Sam Hafertepe, Jr. TX, Randy Hannagan (CA), Dion Hindi (NM), Jac Haudenschild (OH), Tony Bruce, Jr. (KS), Tim Kaeding (CA), Johnny Herrera (NM), Campbell, Dustin Lindquest (MN), Kemenah, Dollansky and Horner.
McMahan took the victory of the "B" main with Herrera, Haudenschild and Hindi, rounding out the top four who earned transfers into the feature event.  Fifth place went to Kemenah followed by Becca Anderson (DE), Jason Martin (KS), Campbell, James Mosher (NM), Brian Carlson (IN), Brent Kronfus (MT), Chad Hillier (WA), Bud Goodwin (NM), Willie Hernandez (MT), Zach Chappell (OK)  (Chappell was racing in fourth place when just out of the first turn, he was up on the wall, skidding on the wall down the track, then flipped up and over the wall.  It was a very nasty looking crash and the car looked like junk, as they took it away. Chappell was physically okay.) Ben Gregg (AZ) and Jerry Coons, JR. (AZ).
The Dash and Heat races  are as follows:
DASH:  Sides, Kinser, Pittman, Shaffer, Dollansky, Horner, Kaeding, Schatz, Saldana. (The Dash finishes, determines the top ten line-up in the feature.)
HEAT #1:  Kinser, Shaffer, Lindquist, Dollansky, Hannagan, Haudenschild, Martin, Herrera, Carlson, Goodwin.
HEAT #2:  Sides, Kaeding, Tatnell, Saldana, Solwold, Kemenah, Coons, Jr., Anderson, Chappell.
HEAT# 3:  Lasoski, Schatz, Meyers, Hafertepe, Jr., Henderson, Gregg, McMahan, Campbell, Hernandez.
(The top five finishers transfer to the feature. The top two finishers get into the Dash as well.)


World of Outlaws competing at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, CA. 
This is the second and final night of racing in this two day event.
BY:  Gaye Carmichael

(Tulare, CA, 2/24/07) It was a Tim Kaeding night at the Thunderbowl Speedway finale  with T. Kaeding shooting into the lead on the first lap, from a third place start and racing to a wire to wire victory.  Kaeding met every obstacle in this forty lap World of Outlaw sanctioned feature event on this third of mile dirt oval, earning the winner's #10,000. purse and the respect of all who watched this dominant run in Tulare, CA during the two day event.
Kaeding, from San Jose, CA, won fifteen WoO feature races during the 2006 season, driving for the Steve Kinser Racing organization and it definitely looks that Kaeding will definitely be a factor in this 2007 season, as he continues to race the Kinser Racing #11K.
Only seven laps had scored when Kaeding had reached the rear of the twenty-six car field to begin lapping cars. Kaeding never hesitated as he raced hard and fast, through the traffic. An unbelievable sense of which line would open for him.
An elated Kaeding celebrated by doing doughnuts in the fourth turn of the speedway, for the fans, before proceeding to victory lane.
Then in a very emotional post race interview, Kaeding said,  "I was just praying that we could stay in front.  I wanted to win this for my Grandma. (The Kaeding family lost Tim's Grandma, earlier in the week)  I just love her to death.  My Grandma was looking down on me all night. I want to dedicated this race to her.
Tonight, I just went out there and raced my own race.  I didn't care about anything else.  If I got passed, I just drove back by the guy.  When I was in lap traffic I just kept picking off cars.   Tulare is a great track and it puts on a great show for the fans.  It feels good to win at a home track with the Outlaws.  It was a very emotional night for us. I have to thank Steve Kinser Racing for the opportunity to race for them this year."
Tim Kaeding along with his brother, Bud Kaeding, drove a checkered flag lap for their Grandma.  Racing is a big family and all of us that are involved, offer our condolences to all of the Kaeding family and their loved ones.
As T. Kaeding made it impossible for anyone to catch him, second place became the focus for all the challengers.  Donnie Schatz (ND), and Terry McCarl (IA), 
both  raced in second at one time or another, while Joey Saldana (IN) raced their shadows, looking to move up.  With just eight laps to go, it was T. Kaeding, Schatz, Saldana and McCarl racing the top four spots, in that order.  McCarl made contact with the rear of Saldana's sprint, just out of the fourth turn. Saldana was up and over, in a end over end roll, bringing out the red flag. Saldana was okay and some how made it back to race.  McCarl then made a run on Schatz to take second, that he would race  to the checkered.
The fans were not happy and made it known, not only when the incident happened but also  during a post race interview with McCarl.
"I'll tell you what, it's been a long time since I've been  booed!  I love it!  Yeah!  It was just racing! (referring to the incident).  We had a great car in the feature and we were the fastest car on the track.  Tim Kaeding is awesome and every time we come here, he is the fastest guy." said McCarl
Schatz rounded out the top three for his podium finish and said, "At the start of the race we were okay.  (Schatz raced in second for the first thirty-two laps)  As the race went on, my car got too tight on entry and I couldn't get off the corner.  All the yellows kind of hurt us as well since we run harder tires and I couldn't get them to stick at the end but we were happy to be here."
Forty-one sprints cars returned for this second night of action at the Thunderbowl with a former California driver, Paul McMahan, clocking in a 12.947 second lap, for fast time.  McMahan drives the Kasey Kahne Mopar #20 and currently resides in Nashville, TN. 
The normal car count for the feature is twenty-four sprints, but this number can be altered, if a driver has and needs to use a provisional.  Dion Hindi (NM) and Danny Lasoski (MO), both needed to use one of their provisional's and started at the rear of the field.
This made for a twenty-six car field racing out to take the green flag for this forty lap event.  A caution went out for Craig Dollansky (MN) on the seventh lap, when he spun  just into the fourth turn. Early in this event, racing to the opening lap of the Dash,Ronnie Day and Jonathan Allard (both California drivers) got caught up in a crash, that included Steve Kinser (IN) and Saldana. This brought out a red flag for Day who ended up, upside down.  Fortunately no one was injured.  Only Saldana was able to get back into the race.  The Dash is used to determine the top ten positions in the feature event.  All of these drivers were able to take the opening green flag lap of the feature, but Day and Allard had sustained to much damage in the earlier wreck to last more than a few laps.  Around the thirtieth lap, the caution flew for Kerry Madsen (NSW) who was stopped in the back stretch.  As mentioned before, Saldana brought out the red flag, which was the final hazard flag of the night. No injuries were reported. Dollansky and Madsen both continued on in the race.
The hard charger award should go to Jac Haudenschild (OH).  Haudenschild racing the Wright One Construction Team #35 sprint, lived up to his nick name, the "Wild Child", racing from a nineteenth start to cross the finish line in sixth.
Justin Henderson  (SD) scored his WoO best career finish in a feature race, with his fourth place finish. 
"This was phenomenal!" said Henderson.  Henderson also went on to say, "We had a front row seat for some of the action. 
Jason Meyers (CA) rolled across the finish line in fifth, Haudenschild was sixth, followed by, Jason Solwold (WA), Brooke Tatnell (NSW), Kinser, Daryn Pittman (OK), Randy Hannagan (CA), McMahan, Jeremy Campbell (MI), Dollansky, Madsen, Tony Bruce, Jr. (KS), Saldana, Tim Shaffer (PA), Danny Lasoski (MO), Jason Sides (TN), Chad Kemenah (OH), Dion Hindi (NM), Chad Hillier (WA), Becca Anderson (DE), Allard and Day.  At the thirty-second lap of this race, there were only seventeen sprints left on the lead lap.
The "B" main victory was picked up by Tatnell. Hillier, Hannagan and Anderson, took the next three spots for the four transfer spots in the "A" feature.  Fifth place went to Hindi, followed by Robert Ballou (CA), Jason Martin (KS), Mike Faria (CA), Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (TX), Danny Horner (CA), Brian Carlson (IN), Lasoski, Zach Chappell (OK), and Danny Faria. Jr. (CA).
The "C"main offered two transfer spots into the "B"main and it was Hindi, who picked up the win with Hafertepe, Jr. taking second to earn the transfers.  Third place went to Tommy Tarlton (CA), James Mosher (NM), Evan Suggs (CA), Jason Botsford (CA), Brent Kronfus (MT), Matt Shelton (CA) and Mark Workentine (CA).
The Dash and Heat races, as follows:
DASH:  Meyers, Schatz, Madsen, Kaeding, Henderson, McMahan, Saldana, Kinser, Allard, Day.
HEAT #1:  Madsen, Schatz, McCarl, Pittman, McMahan, Tatnell, Hindi, Botsford, D. Faria, Jr., Workentine, Lasoski. 
HEAT #2:  Saldana, Allard, Solwold, Kemenah, Bruce, Jr., Hafertepe, Jr., Anderson, Horner, Martin, Shelton.
HEAT #3:  Henderson, Day, Kaeding, Shaffer, Sides, Ballou, Chappell, Tarlton, M. Faria, Mosher.
HEAT #4:  Kinser, Meyers, Haudenschild, Dollansky, Campbell, Hannagan, Kronfus, Carlson, Hillier, Suggs.
The top five finishers in each of the heat races go to the "A" feature.  The top two finishers in each heat, along with drivers posting the two fastest qualifying times, will make 
up the ten spots in the Dash.  The line up for the Dash will be determined by having the drivers draw for their starting berth.  The "B" and "C" race line ups, are determined by qualifying times and the amount of drivers entered into the event.

 Thunderbowl Speedway, Tulare, CA,  World of Outlaw competition
BY:  Gaye Carmichael  (530) 409-0646

(Tulare, CA, 2-23-07)  A freezing but big night of racing Thunderbowl Speedway had Joey Saldana of Brownsburg, IN, racing the Kasey Kahne Mopar powered #9 Sprint to a #10,000. victory  in World of Outlaw action on the tacky third of a mile dirt oval in Tulare, CA.
"We just stayed after it.  One of my mechanics motioned to me that I needed to get after it. (referring to being either in second or third, that Saldana dominated until capturing the lead with eleven  laps to go and then races away from the field to earn his win)  We had a good car.  I hate these sticky track, it's hard every time we come to California.  Winning an Outlaw's race means a lot.   Tonight we showed that our short track program is a lot better than it was last year.  It's really gratifying to come out here on a stick track like this and pass cars to win the race.  The cautions were good for me.  That's how I got J